April 25, 2008


The movie is Wanted; it releases June 27.

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April 22, 2008

Someone in Marketing Wasn't Thinking...

Why would someone in AirTran's marketing department call a plane "AirTranica" -- even if they are supporting endorsee and IndyCar racer Danica Patrick?

Someone simply wasn't thinking...

Just damn.

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April 21, 2008

Starbucks-iTunes Team Up Again

Starbucks and iTunes are getting back in bed together -- they are offering a free "song of the week" each Tuesday.

Visit your local Starbucks (the earlier in the day the better) each Tuesday for a free card to download a hand-picked song/video redeemable on iTunes. And no, you don't have to have an iPod to grab it; just iTunes (for those who only listen on their computers).

"Hand-picked" in this instance, means picked by the "Starbucks Entertainment team." No word on if the picks will be decent ones, or yawners. Then again, that's pretty much subjective. Those cards will be good for 60 days.

Starbucks and iTunes did this last fall, and were wildly successful, as they generated millions of downloads over the stretch of the promotion.

Ars Technica

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