July 23, 2008

CNN has just discovered there are blacks in America!

Am I the only one who feels like CNN has just figured out that there are black people in America?

For the past three months, CNN has been practically jumping up and down to promote their two-night event on the state of blacks in America. This is after they realized that no one was watching their 7 p.m. ET hour that tried to push racial issues -- I guess they want to build themselves a franchise.

But I think there are others that I would choose to front said franchise -- even within CNN -- than Soledad O'Brien. She comes across as judgmental, especially when she thinks she knows (but clearly doesn't) what she's talking about. I hate to sound mean, but she's clearly eye candy -- yet another in a long line of eye candy out there.

What's wrong with someone who has more credibility (and I'm sorry, Soledad's three or four years on CNN do not count -- mind you, her first foray into national television was co-hosting with a cartoon figure on the original incarnation of MSNBC; the notion of being a figure of authority is clearly lost on me)? If CNN were serious, they wouldn't treat this as a newly discovered fact, or a novelty. If CNN were serious, they wouldn't schedule this in the middle of the summer, when viewership is at its lowest. And if CNN were serious, they wouldn't put a glorified cheerleader on as the face of said special/franchise/event.

Someone call me when CNN pays more than glorfied lipservice to the true diversity and dicotemy of black America.

Now begs the next question -- how long before they pull the same stunt with Hispanics or Asians in America?

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