April 20, 2005

Ohio Congresscritter accepted trip money from lobbyist

US Congresscritter Stephanie Tubbs Jones (Moonbat-OH) is in hot water over taking a 2001 trip paid for by a lobbyist -- or is she?

Stephanie Tubbs Jones, an Ohio Democrat who sits on the House ethics committee, took a 2001 trip to Puerto Rico that was paid for by a registered lobbyist firm — an apparent violation of the chamber's ethics rules — according to documents that she filed with the House clerk.

A spokeswoman for Mrs. Jones disputed those records yesterday, saying "human error" led a staffer to list the name of D.C. lobbyist firm Smith, Dawson & Andrews as having paid the $3,366 tab for Mrs. Jones and her husband to travel to the Puerto Rican island of Vieques in the Caribbean.

The irregularities with the trip are not unlike those facing House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who is the butt of many calls for investigation and other punitive measures in recent weeks. There have even been calls in the press for him to resign.

Time will tell if those same voices will be raised in concern regaring Jones' miscues, let alone any calls for her resignation.

I'm not holding my breath though. After all, she's "only" a Democrat, and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus on top of that. It's politically incorrect to challenge her, and will be seen as (c'mon, let's say it together) "racially motivated partisan poiltics."

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